How strong could Junpei have been if he survived?

How strong could Junpei have been if he survived?


Hmmm, unrefined, new to curse energy, teenager and also dealing with a lot of personal baggage... (Sorry just factors I take in when it comes to the curse user and their potential) if anything he would probably start off as a third grade, possible second grade sorcerer. We didn't really get a chance to see him go really all out in a sense. But considering what we did see, probably second grade...


Yeah I agree with third grade level. Starting off as a second grade is genius level according to Mai, so idk about that tbh. But yeah right now if he lived past shibuya he’d probably have an amp


Start as a third grade, become a second grade in no time. Then probably semi-first grade after graduation


He'd be on the level of some of the Kyoto school, but he could never match Yuji or Megumi.


I think he can be a first grade, Yuji and Megumi could be beyond special grade tho


I think he had the potential to become a 1st grade after graduation


I think he would have been stronger than most people give him credit, especially in a team scenario. He reminds me of Eso (one of the cursed wombs) Since he used poison and had that wasp sting attack, and Eso was categorized as a special grade. Poison is a really powerful ability that isn't always easy to defend against in this world (as evidenced by the Choso vs. Uraume fight). I think Junpei was just kind of screwed against Yuji since he was completely immune to poison, so he was essentially just whacking Yuji with a fat jellyfish.


Depends. Jujutsu is 80% innate talent and he seemed to develop pretty quick, but considering his brain needed to be altered through Idle Transfiguration so he couldn't have bee too talented.


I’m not even trolling but I think he’d of been VERY good gradually & his CT had potential too


how did she die again?


He got Mahito’d.


It's a he


what are they?


Didn't Junpei get his abilities from Mahito's Idle transfiguration when he spent time with Mahito after the movie theater incident?


no, he already had it, but mahtio just taught him how to use it and he picked up on it fast. Unlike other sorceress taught by sorcerers, Junepi might have been the first to be taught by a special grade cursed being in a long time. This might explain why he could use it as much as he did in so little time.