Me too dude

Me too dude


“Need key”


Man I tried to get the key. No one wanted to do lbrs ever


at least they are 100% drop now


Pardon me the gems are?


Yeah they drop every time now apparently.


was a change included in the prepatch


I dunno if it's possible for a warrior at 65 to solo run lbrs but by God if that's not the tightest shit


Ugh, this kind of casualization killed WoW /s


Ooooohhhhh that makes a lot of sense! I went there to help a guide and ended up getting all the gems and made the key. I was shocked bc it took me forever to get it on my alt


I had to solo the first gem boss 13 times to get my final piece.


You got the key if you were one of the first like 500 people to 60 when people needed gear from LBRS. After that, either your guild took pity on you and was bored and you were a forever "Need Key'


Or you were a tank haha. Got my key in like p4.


or your were Horde and had to run this instance at least once a week for a fresh alt and his ony prequest


Or if you were a bear in phase 1-3 and grinded out the bis slaghide gauntlets. I finished the key well over 20 runs before the damn gauntlets dropped with the correct stats on them


I got the key on my main and 2 alts pretty easily. If I'd cared I could have done it on more, but that would just be overkill.


I got my key with 1 week until the Dark Portal opened because I’m an OCD completionist.


Here please! I love the whole Blackrock Mountain!


I got lucky and got it super early on. Made a lot of money with that key and got a lot of spots I wouldn't have as a rogue.


I have two out of three on 2 different toons. Can’t get that third gem no matter what.


I got the key finally 2 weeks before tbc. smh.


“Jed scouted”


that jed shit was theeeee worst , as a healer needing that and casters getting all uppity when you rolled on it. i didn't roll against a few friends but it was like a rare spawn with a rare drop with groups that rarely were ok with me rolling on it, also needed someone with the key, it was like a compound of nightmares used that shit for ages though, pretty sure i replaced it in aq lol


~~There's no trinkets in AQ :O~~


Visc trinket was real good


Oh true, there was that one. But it was bugged and even after fix it wasn't that good compared to alternatives available by then, so it was mostly obtained for TBC+. A priest would probably have DM trinket and blue dragon/ZHC/HCH, waiting for rejuv gem.


Yeah CoH with with blue dragon and visc would probably be my go to right now if I kept playing my priest


The bubble only stays on one person and gets replaced when you cast a new heal. On paper it's amazing, in practice it's not better than a straight throughput trinket. It's probably better in 10 mans where you bomb big heals and need to increase the tank's EHP, it's crap for raid heals. I tried so hard to make it work. On a 3 air phase Sapph I think I got like 8k healing out of it.


8k sounds like a lot to me. Would you have gotten more out of any other trinket?


Well Sapph is used as a case because it's the best case scenario for maxing out this trinket and it got used twice. In a fight where I'm doing around 100k healing, +8% isn't game changing when you could use a rejuv or something with passive throughput which likely would have achieved the same effect. On other fights it doesn't put out nearly as much, maybe 2-3% overall healing considering fights are so short you only get to use it once.


Sapph is not best case scenario because you're already giving up a lot of +healing for frost resist gear (typically 2-3 pieces depending if you're in the paladin/shaman group) and its usually a Ring Pants Cloak so you're losing ~100-150 + healing by just doing that on top of losing the +healing from your trinket for the on use. I used it in classic for Thaddius, Instructor, Maexxna, KT mostly for Naxx and various other fights


It was busted in tbc I remember topping the meters as a total scrub thanks to it.


Rolling on briarwood as a healer is a p low IQ move


pre-raid bis for healers all throughout phase 1


Would you be willing to link the trinket you *think* they should go after instead? Surely you have one in mind?


Double Mind Tap, Burst of Knowledge, class DM trinket once it came out.


> Double Mind Tap Literally just gives 22 MP5. Not at all comparable to 29 spell power. > Burst of Knowledge This is what *should* be used in the other trinket slot. > class DM trinket *once it came out* DM took two months to come out. I'm gonna go ahead and doubt that raid healers were willing to wait two months for their trinket.


Raid healers were absolutely waiting two months. I was using the mp5 shard from the Blasted Lands quest til DM lol


It’s the highest healing power trinket in the game from a dungeon for paladins or shamans. The only better are 4 raid trinkets in Rejuvenation Gem/Eye of the Dead and the caster ones in Restrained Essence of Saph/Nelths Tear


Healing a dungeon expecting nothing for your time is a low IQ move.


Be tank. Have key. Fish the instance. Throw a PUG together and HR the trinket for my flask set. They don't like it. But they come.


It's weird how open people are about gaming these days, when I played EverQuest back in 99/2000 you dare not mention aloud that you played an MMO, just whispering that shit behind closed doors or in back alley's. It blew my mind one day seeing kids talking about this new game WoW at a lunch table, out in the freaking open...


Totally agree! I denied playing WoW throughout high school as I was in the 'popular' crowd. People would accuse me of playing it and I'd respond "what are you on about, I don't play that 'world of wars"


Dude same. This was the case for a few of us actually.


Took a slightly different approach during 2005 when TBC was about to launch and I finished high school / started uni. On the first day, I was like “ok, who here plays WoW?”, and I ended up sticking with those guys for years to come, downing everything in TBC (only got Kil’jaden after pre-patch to wrath) and getting server first (WoTLK) Naxx/Azuregos. I was like, might as well spend my time with likeminded peeps! :-)


I was actually proud of wow , classmates played metin 2 :/


Front where are you If you dont mind me asking Because as a German metin was the Most hyped free2play mmo


Italy , mmo weren't really popular maybe metin was one of the few translated ones , but i wouldn't know really never played it . WoW didn't have italian until the 4th or 5th expansion


Undercover nerds unite!


Haha this happened at my school. I was certainly not in the popular clique but two “tough guys” at the school were Turns out they were TBC multi glads and didn’t dare tell anyone. My wow friends and I found out and immediately no one ever bullied us again, those guys made sure of it. Only cost was us promising to not tell their mates


I was in a similar crowd but lucky because like half of our football team played wow. We lived in Maine so it was a great socializing activity to do after practice at night because we were all so far away from each other


Hey thanks for the shitty memories flooding back in. I remember when I was finally able to own the fact that I played. I was in the popular crowd too. Played all the sports. Never went to parties tho and was always asked why. I was home farming rep, honor, and purples. There was no way I was telling anyone.


The stigma is still there with some people. I had a GF break up with me after she found out I played WoW, and I have always played very casually.


Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Sucks in the moment, but you're better off without that kind of person in the long term.


Oh I *definitely* dodged a bullet. Someone that judges your casual hobby that you spend 1–2 hours on occasionally is no good. Sometimes I read for 1–2 hours and it’s funny how no one judges that hobby.


I mean... I don't know this guy's situation and how much he played exactly, but seeing how people's lives tend to get overtaken by this game, I can't say I blame her. It's very addictive to a lot of people. Even playing it casually takes up a lot of your time and energy.


This would be akin to someone seeing a person take one sip of alcohol and assuming they are an alcoholic. Because you know alcohol has consumed people’s lives. “Very casually” means you don’t play that much, FYI. If you’re using a lot of time and energy you’re not playing casually.


I remember this video a long time ago of this guy who played WoW in his closet, and they had him tell his adult friends that he played WoW and I remember they all acted like he just told them he did heroin. It was basically an intervention episode, for WoW. I wish I could find that video.


To me it seems like playing WoW these days still seems weird to plenty of people, even the ones who are playing videogames and who know what WoW is. I'm pretty much like a boomer stuck in the past when my friends are talking about the new titles they're playing meanwhile I can speak maybe to myself about WoW. I'm meeting them today actually so I'm really curious how they react to the fact I'm addicted to TBC once again. I'm literally the only person from the people I know, who still plays WoW as pretty much the only game and who doesn't quit shortly after the new expansion launches. Meanwhile around Wrath or so, playing WoW was actually cool, at least from what I remember. You were good in PvP? That actually meant something, at least to people who played videogames, like having a good rank in LoL now or whatever is the current mainstream competitive game.


I came to the realization recently that a large portion of my WoW nostalgia was actually everquest. The games had blended together in my memory and it wasn't until I picked up WoW again that it all came back to me. Traveling as a wood elf druid around the EQ world with real danger of losing items will always be at the top of my video game nostalgia list. I got my epic at 58 and never actually made it through that frigging level 59 to get to 60 haha.


LFG velks


I still hear the spiders screeching sometimes in my sleep . Eeee, eeee, eeeeeeeaagh. Friends don't let friends grind aaxp at upper spiders .


Ive played the progression servers a couple times before classic came out and they were A LOT of fun. They don’t follow the #nochanges mentality and the changes they made were honestly perfect. As someone who has 120 days played in classic on my fury warrior, I will still say I like Everquest from vanilla to planes of power better than WoW by a good margin. Wow is honestly amazing too, but EQ is a whole different animal when it comes to having a mmorpg experience.


>but EQ is a whole different animal when it comes to having a mmorpg experience What are the biggest points for this opinion? I only played WoW, you made me a litle bit interested there. Is it still playable today?


It is and it's still pretty good. The knowledge gap can be a lot to bridge when starting but having maps available from classic and generally easier resist/hit tables make a much more laid back experience. Project 1999 hits closer to the mark of original eq but after a few months of top tier need degeneracy you'll appreciate those agents of change (raid instance makers) and pickzones (wow layers, basically) immensely.


The krono bots that showed up hard in every TLP after phinigel have been a huge drag. The FV ruleset random loot Mischief server has kind of fixed all of that but also taken something away from killing specific bosses.


You may or may not know about it but check out Project 1999 :)


Oh my, I had no idea. The timing for this is dangerous, my wife just went away for two weeks to visit her family...


I was one of those bards running people from Qeynos <> Freeport back in the day. And on my warrior, we rescued my corpse with less than an hour left under the feet of CT in fear, back before corpse summons were in game. Took us almost a week to organize that re-break and rescue. Those were the days..


I got bullied SOOOOO much when people found out I was the "weird" gamer all the way up to high school. I finally met with other gamers when I entered college and it felt incredible.


Sadly it’s still like that. Even back in ~2016 in HS I wouldn’t dare mention WoW to anyone but my best friends. Everyone thought you were weird if you played “that game”.


Maybe you but we talked about EverQuest every day in school and I was a 7th grader


True. My close friend didn't even know. Wow South park episode came out and I pretended to not play bc everyone was making fun of it. A few months later my best friend started playing and I even remade a toon to pretend I wasn't playing. It took a few months for them to find out I already had a main in the 50s (getting to 60 was harder back then).


Lol it's still that way for people in my age group. They look at me like I told them my hobby is child porn. Btw, you play EQ when there was permadeath?


The stigma is 100% still real for WoW and other MMO’s. You mention that shit and people judge the shit out of you


Right? Back in the day I just accepted it was nerd stuff or girls. I went with the nerd stuff. Now I get to have both and it’s pretty great.


100% lol. when i was in jr high/hs it was definitely looked down on if you played games like wow lol


I live in Arizona. 4 years ago I tried to get this EXACT plate, and it was taken. I wasn't even mad, I just wanna hang out with the person who has it.


You don't have to answer of course, but now I'm wondering what you took instead.




They drove across the entire country and never found a group. Legend has it they're still driving to this day.


I never got to do a complete run of UBRS or LBRS. Feels bad man.


Dude why not? Did you start late and never do Onyxia attunement?


I spent most of Classic bouncing around on alts. By the time I got my mage to the proper level nobody was running it anymore. And I was here first day of Classic too.


I remember Classic proponents saying that people would never stop running MC and Ony. See how that turned out.


Lasted fairly long it seems due to people wanting to parse.


We ran Ony to get heads and MC for Geddon's binding, which still hasn't dropped and we haven't missed a lockout... so looks like we're still running MC


Turned out just fine, what do you mean?


People were still doing MC and Ony until the last day of classic, but for a long time it was pretty much only pug runs. My guild stopped doing MC and Ony a long time ago. I didn't need anything from Ony, but it was annoying going to MC GDKPs and seeing the gear I needed being bid up for thousands of gold. The extra gold was nice, but it never seemed worth it to spend thousands for one item. I think a lot of the fun of raiding comes with the coordination of your guild working together to get shit down and having a chance to roll for what you needed. The GDKPs sucked the life out of raiding after awhile for me. Pretty excited to raid in TBC in a more engaging way, but I know it wont last that long and eventually its just going to be people blasting through raids like its deadmines. Part of the reason I feel like I needed to rush to 70 and get my pre-bis/kara attune. I don't want to miss out on the early stages of raiding, which I find to be the most fun.


Well, that was still sort of true. It just turned into gdkp instead of legit runs


My guild ran MC/Ony/BWL all the way until prepatch. Every weekend. We brought hundred of pugs during said runs. And we weren’t on a high pop server. So I imagine if you were on any other server, there were groups running it. If someone couldn’t find a run; they weren’t trying very hard. Or never looked outside their guild that didn’t have people running it. Server discord’s on my server showed multiple groups running all available raids right up until TBC launch (and again, Bloodsail Buccaneers isn’t a high pop server)


I ran mc until pre patch and it was always like half freshies lol. I missed the hard raids because ppl stopped running them not the easy ones


Probably depends on the server. On Firemaw EU people raided MC/Ony till tbc launched. At the end it was lots of gbid/gdkp runs though.


I did stop running ony even tho I only had 1 ony hide bag. I probably only missed MC lockouts a handful of times-I didn't get boa on my rogue till some time during p5. After that I still did binding runs almost every week and full clears probably half the time (to help friends, guildie trying for their own accuria/onslaught/choker). Rag loot was still relevant in naxx and for most guilds, still am upgrade for at least some players until tbc dropped.


Our weekly server MC PUG ran right up until the last week of prepatch.


People did keep running them


There were MC and Onyxia runs until the last day of Classic on my server. Particularly from around P3 until early P6 you could probably find an MC pug 5 out of 7 days of the week, and Onyxia runs daily, sometimes multiple times per day.


Ubrs was cool. Lbrs was not lol.


A dichotomy of great and awful dungeons all in one instance


No kidding. LBRS is straight cancer.


I never understood the hate. You skip half the dungeon with the drop down so it's not even that long.


Imagine if you did it as intended though, and went through that village in the middle. Hoo boy that'd be awful.


Its crazy that I've done LBRS about 100 times in my wow career & I don't think I've ever even seen the village you mentioned


Lol it’s the one that everyone skips by jumping straight to the spider. Idk if you’d actually call it a village but that’s what I’ve always thought of it. Has the one quest with the chest that turns in for Voone’s hit gloves


The "village" right before the spider, with all the orcs? I think I did around 5 LBRS runs and never not did the village, didnt even know you could skip it lol


You can get into the window in the trolls room above and drop down and only do the last 2 pulls of the village


The insta haters are probably those that never learned or joined a drop group.


Running to the Wolf in LBRS as a hunter to tame it was...fun


Me neither man and I've played probably 10000 hours mostly back in vanilla. Finally did a princess run of BRD when classic came out.


Bstab book reserved Dal set reserved Finkle's reserved Felstrike Reserved Need Key Whisper "Rogue#235346" For inspect and inv


Titans res Ace of beast res Truestrike res Reed res Thorium Veins res All greens res The mage's water res Everyone pay 1g to me cuz I have key or the door stays SHUT


Oh neat, this person works at the same place I do. I pass their car in the parking lot every day but haven't run in to them yet.


Probably a Rogue then.


Dal rend rez


This is so wild, my friend got this license plate back in like 2012 or so when she lived in California, and recently updated it it a few years back now that she lives in Virginia, sending this to her!


Same tbh


Roflmao Doo do do do do


LFG_IRL channel is just the kind of out of the box thinking we need these days.


Is that not what Grindr is?


Grinder is LFB


Alliance would drive a Honda


So would a horde


fucking GOT EM


probably true. very dependable and cheap to maintain.


Nope, horde is driving a brand new 840hp dodge challenger demon, manual.


Shit those other hordes got the money


Understandable have a great day




Sick response man. Well thought out.


Thanks just thought I’d let you know.


You can send me direct messages with more of those fuckin’ knee slappers if you’d like.


Youre on fire too keep going.


I also have an alliance sticker on my car. Used to have a horde one too, but it didn't last very long.


Only reason it lasted is because it's a baby sticker and the horde sticker is a war hardened veteran who was tired of hearing the crying.


hahahahaha, ah I love it.




This delights me on a level that borders on sad.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Zuz-zug, kind Redditor.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)




What are the odds of this plate generating randomly? Zero because you don't normally get [3 characters][space][4 characters]?


Replace ubrs with slab and it'd be perfect today


North Carolina players rising


[L-F-G U-B-R-S](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmdrvHH9Sz8) I'm an undead priest and I'm shadow specced!


Fucking North Carolina. Where in Charlotte is this guy lol


Full disclosure, what is UBRS ?






[FOR THE ALLIANCE!](https://youtu.be/nxxG-4WG_co?t=1)