Lifting too much for wrestling practice?

Lifting too much for wrestling practice?


You have to make the decision, are you looking to do body building, or are you looking to be a strong athlete. You can't do both. 7 Days a week is excessive even the most dedicated body builders give themselves a single day off in 7. And with Wrestling practice you're feeling muscle fatigue, you aren't tired, but your muscles aren't healed enough from the work outs. You will get way more out of the sport and lifting if you only are working out 6 days a week ( or do 4 days on 1 day off 4 days on if you really want to push it, but that rest day will enhance your other workout days more than any benefit you get in the gym. Having more Preworkout wont do anything for you, You do need a solid diet heavy in proteins, and low in sugars so you don't get spikes. You need good foods to help your body recover from the abuse you're putting it through.


You don't need more than 3 times a week of gym a week. 2 is ideal during inseason


Can’t agree with this more. Freshmen year I was doing 7 days a week with 1 of those days being conditioning. Only was detrimental to my practices until I switched it up to a 5 day thing and then in season was 2 days a week. Helped tremendously.


More rest time, rest is more important than lifting. If you have 0 rest doesn’t matter if you’re lifting light your overtraining. If you really want to stay healthy and continue lifting I’ll recommend you lift 4 times a week and sprint intervals or whatever form of high intensity you want + your 2-3 days of wrestling practice. There could be more things to this as well such as your diet etc...


I dunno I find that I go to the gym more consistently if I stick to daily. And I like being at the gym and bodybuilding as well as wrestling. So it's hard to imagine getting too much growth from something like lifting 4 days a week.


You have to do higher quality lifting 3x, wrestling 2-3x, then cardio conditioning for the remainder. You are wasting your time lifting 7 days per week so stop doing it. When you lift you must focus on gaining strength then transition into being explosive and heavily conditioned when the season rolls around.


Doesn't matter how hard it is to imagine. Its factual that rest is where the gains are made. Without it you're going to plateau. If you have to be in the gym every day do an easy run, 30 minutes is a fine length of time for a wrestler. If you can spit out exactly 1 sentence before you need to take a breath that's perfect. You can run 30s intervals with 2min rest if you want something harder some days. The 30s intervals should be at close to 90% effort. If on a treadmill keep it at 1-2% incline for the easy effort. Max the speed before you start moving the incline up to get the 90% effort on intervals.


Maybe when you go to gym don’t do as many sets. Focus on heavy weights for like 2 sets after your warmups... that should ensure strength gains with less muscle soreness You won’t get as much hypertrophy this way though


Bro your body needs rest between weight practices. Sleep at least 8 hours a day and take at least one day break before working on the same muscles. This will prevent injury and allow them to grow


What’s your workout routine? Like what are you doing each session?


I split it like Push Pull Legs. Sometimes instead of 2 leg days (wrestling leaves my legs almost painful sometimes) I'll do 1 really focused on core, neck, grip strength, etc. Or I'll toss those into my regular workout at the end.


I mean like day 1: legs arms day 2: core neck wrestling practice etc. Because somewhere in there their may be something wrong, remember wrestling is basically powerlifting and if you aren’t resting correctly you’re going to get injured, then you’re going to be over trained which takes weeks to recover from! But basically you’re tearing the muscles and when you’re resting that’s when the muscle repairs, if they’re constantly under workload they don’t repair leading to no gainz and injuries.


Overtraining is hard to gauge with no mention of volume and only "I go X days a week" but given you are only wrestling 2 or 3 days a week and not able to perform on the mat you are most likely overtaxing your nervous system with the gym. You should probably wrestle as much as you can and lift maybe 3 days a week M-W-F full body in order to supplement the wrestling. Do a lower and an upper compound and maybe 1-3 accessories.. squats, overhead press, pull-ups, shrugs one day then cleans, flat bench, chin ups, dips another day for instance BUT I'd recommend finding a solid plan that people see results on and following that not just doing what some random redditor says.


Or ask your coach


I take all my sets to failure 😬 in most workouts. So I think you're probably right. I feel noticeably weaker when I'm not at the gym


You should save failure for like the last sets of your accessories or even your last set on your last accessory. Your big lifts you should feel taxed but maybe leave 1 or 2 in the tank you don't want to be in a situation where your form breaks down and you get a strain or injury that affects your wrestling because then it defeats the purpose. You always want to bring your best to the mat. Unless you just wrestle for fun and your main goal is bodybuilding. 😛 But even then if you get hurt you set back your lifting.


Prioritize one of those activities or resign yourself to bring mediocre at both. Committing yourself to one will absolutely affect your success in the other. You don't get to eat your cake and have it too.


It sounds to me like you're overtraining, and you're working out for the sake of working out, rather than to improve your wrestling. Get on a dedicated program like this that periodizes your training and focuses on how to get stronger on the mat when it counts. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2YfRqDYnDU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2YfRqDYnDU)